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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Hello my darling readers of the Palm Beach Tattler–

We are just 10 days away from the USO benefit sponsored by the PBLFU, starring famous celebrities including everyone’s favorite divas, Claudia McFadden and Athena Sinclair! Can you believe that these two divas are performing at the same benefit again? Their disdain for one another seems to deepen at each event that they attend so, honestly, I cannot wait to see if either will “snap their cap” again. No one knows what broke up these beautiful divas but I will soon have the details for you as I have a glorious plan to meet with each Diva as well as attend the event. I booked my room at The Palm Beach Royale, sharpened my pencils, and purchased a fresh tablet to ensure I get the full scoop.

Granted, there will be a few obstacles but I will conquer them all. The first obstacle – or better yet downright annoyance – is the Palm Beach Royale’s arrogant General Manager, Mr. Dunlap, and his staff. Dunlap is “not the brightest bulb on the tree” as he cannot remember his loyal staff’s names. Then again, his staff might as well be called” Tweedledum” and “ Tweedledumber” as the combined IQ of this hotel staff is not impressive. However, Dunlap does work over time to keep sophisticated journalists out of the hotel when famous people are residing at the hotel. He and I have had some “words” over the years and once he had the gall to have me physically removed by his lackluster security team just because I was not a registered guest. Well, he cannot do that again – I am a registered guest! I cannot wait to see the expression on Mr. Dunlap’s haughty face when he learns that I am a registered guest as well as the key correspondent for the event.

The American public is weary. We are tired of reading about the war and we are still recovering from the depression. You all deserve to know the truth and learn more about these divas and the exquisite details of the big shindig. I remain faithful to you, my lovely readers. I have important work to do in the 10 days at The Palm Beach Royale and I can assure you that my next article will bring you delicious details that the American public deserves and desperately wants to know.

Much ink and love always, Dora

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