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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Darlings! It is my great privilege to welcome you to my most favorite hotel EVER - the Palm Beach Royale! The views of the ocean are magnificent! The Presidential Suite is the most luxurious in all of Palm Beach!

Sadly, the staff are difficult to deal with and are quite demanding, as they never seem to keep things straight, my white roses are never where they are supposed to be, and the General Manager (whatever-the-hell-his-name-is) always wants to tarry in my private suite. They must simply adore having me and my sweet doggie, Mr. Boodles as guests. Either way, I do so love this hotel!

Mr. Boodles is 6 years old and has been traveling with me ever since he was a baby. He LOVES to travel but he does get tense with so much commotion.

PIPPET!!! Oh, please excuse me for a moment….PIPPET!!! IT’S TIME FOR WALKIES!!!! PIPPET!!!!

OK, I’m back….this weekend I will be headlining the benefit for the festive USO performance. I’m not sure which song I shall sing yet, but no need to worry as I have a large selection to choose from! My only hope is that the staff can do a better job at keeping Athena Sinclair as far away from me as possible! It never fails ~ that hussy shows up at all my events and tries to steal the show with her exotic moves! I simply cannot handle another event ruined by her! She is the reason Hollywood is the way it is!

I do so hope that you will join me at the final USO event this weekend! You won’t regret a moment of it!

Until Then.

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