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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Dozens of USO benefits performed. The last one in San Francisco was festive, to say the least. I got top billing, which of course I did because I am LOVED in California, but I thought that BUFFALO was going to tear the theater down. What a vile creature. She certainly did destroy my Edith Head gown. No matter, I’m sure that Murphy and the rest of the staff at the Palm Beach Royale will do their best to keep that COW as far away from me as possible.

Oh, but how I love that hotel. It’s elegance, its history—its steamy intimacy. It stirs something in me...a burning tug of passion. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find time to have a little tryst with someone scrumptious while I’m there...I don’t think I’m married now? Who knows. I can’t keep many men. So many delicious memories.

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