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Thank you to all who auditioned!

by John Cariani

Directed by Jenilee Houghton


Love/Sick is a collection of nine vignettes that offer a heartwarming, heartbreaking, humorous and often unsettling view into the human affliction known as love.

Character Descriptions

1. Obsessive Impulsive:

A WOMAN and a MAN who fall in love at first sight.


2. The Singing Telegram:

A (reluctant) SINGING TELEGRAM PERFORMER who delivers a surprising telegram to an enthusiastic woman, LOUISE OVERBEE.


3. What?!?:

BEN, a guy who is surprised that he has fallen in love, and ANDY, the sweet guy he has fallen in love with.


4. The Answer:

KEITH and CELIA, a groom and bride with big questions.


5. Uh-Oh:

SARAH, a woman who is bored, and BILL, her content husband of a year and a half.


6. Lunch and Dinner:

KELLY and MARK, a busy couple, married for seven years.


7. Forgot:

JILL, a woman who wants more than she has, and KEVIN, her husband of nine years, who is happy with what he has.


8. Where Was I?:

ABBIE, a hard-working stay-at-home mom, and LIZ, her hard-working wife.


9. Destiny:

JAKE, a recently divorced man, and Emily, a recently divorced woman.

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