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This is a job, After all.

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

In just a few short weeks the USO benefit will be in full swing! The weekend is sure to be one of the busiest and most important events of the year! Assisting Ms.Sinclair has been one crazy, unexpected, ride. But I truly love hearing all her wild stories and being around to see all the magic happen, because she truly is a wonderful performer. I will say her demands can become…excessive. Especially when regarding her arch-enemy Claudia McFadden. I for one don’t see why they can’t get along, mainly since we end up at the same events anyway! It can become more than a full-time job when you are trying to keep one away from the other! Let us just hope they can work through their problems together one day.

Seeing Ms. Sinclair performing and singing on all those stages, brings such familiarity. It feels like it’s been ages since I stepped on a stage and sang. But I’m happy with those memories and I’ll always hold them close to my heart. It’s easy to get sentimental being around all the music and jazz again, but I have to keep moving forward. This is a job after all, so I must remain focused. There’s a lot of work and finalizations to be done before the benefit, so, until next time.


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