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Mr. Pippet

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Another USO Benefit! Oh, God! The luggage is packed. The sheet music is packed. Mr. Boodles, well, he’s as ready as he can be, I guess. Ms. McFadden, wants this one to be the greatest of all time. If everything isn’t just right, then she will be taking it out on me. As always.

She’s booked into the Presidential Suite which is as it should be. She is in LOVE with the Palm Beach Royale and the Presidential Suite there is one of her favorites in the whole country. I’ve heard it’s just been remodeled so I hope it meets her standards. Fortunately, I’m told there will be plenty of Martini ingredients and that should at least bring her some level of comfort if things get out of whack. Working for her for 12 years though, that almost never happens. There’s almost always some unexpected drama.

It's not just that Miss McFadden is the biggest star of our day. That makes things hard enough. But it’s all the little things that make doing this job so hard. Looking after Mr. Boodles for one. I wish she would just leave the dog behind. I have so much to do at an event like this than to worry about that dog and constantly taking him out for “walkies.” Oh! And the White Roses. If they mess up the white roses that will certainly throw her into a spin. I’ve been assured that they will be in the suite when we arrive, but how many times have I heard that before? They also better keep the press away. God how she hates the press. They are always trying to bait her into some kind of scandal.

I sure hope they are on top of things. This is going to be one of the biggest fundraisers thus far in the war. She is going to want to be at the top of her game especially since Athena Sinclair is also going to be there. Miss Sinclair is ALWAYS causing problems. Trying to compete with Miss McFadden. Who does she think she is? She’s an actress, not a singer. The last time at the Fairmont Hotel was not a pretty sight. And the Roxy, who could forget that they almost tore each other to shreds. I pray that we don’t even see that seductress. If all goes well they’ll perform, and move on almost without knowing the other was there. If only…

OH MY GOD! There she goes again! “Pippet!” I sometimes think I should change my name to something different. Something, long and complicated. I’d like to hear her try to scream that. Got to go. Wish me luck!


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