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Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Another day here at the Palm Beach Royale. Being a bellhop really is an honest way to make a living. Taking care of our guests and catering to their every whim isn’t a bad life, but I’ve been hearing some whispers that we are expecting some men from the Navy in the coming nights.

Thinking about it makes me miss the good old days. That first day of boot camp really was everything I ever wanted. Being part of the Army was everything to me… almost everything. I tell everyone that being kicked out of the Army was my biggest regret, but sometimes when I’m alone… I remember her. How beautiful her voice was, how her dancing enticed the crowds, and how we were a real power duo like… I apologize, I digress. I hope you enjoy your time at the Palm Beach Royale, and I will eagerly be awaiting your arrival.


Bellhop - The Palm Beach Royale

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