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The chandeliers and crystal are gleaming. All of the woodwork is polished. The orchestra is brilliant and tight, awaiting a bevy of stars the likes of; Claudia McFadden , Athena Sinclair and Jimmy Durante, as the crown jewel of the south (The Palm Beach Royale), prepares for an extravaganza of epic proportions. This IS the night audiences have waited for and cannot be missed.

I have planned a night of perfection and splendor. Nothing will stand in the way of our blockbuster night of entertainment as I have left no detail unattended. Gentlemen, adjust your bow ties and shine your patent leather as you join us for this monumental night of stars. This will be nothing short of bliss.

Ladies and gentlemen, our bellhops await you in the Port Cochere!

Until the curtain rises,

Bernard S. Dunlap

General Manager - The Palm Beach Royale

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