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Autograph Contest

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Dear Diary, It's Otis. I have to say that because Mr. Dunlap keeps calling me Francis and I get confused. I mean it's completely understandable because when we are wearing our bellhop uniforms we're like identical twins almost.

Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddie

It's great working with Francis. He is so smart, and he has some fingers! Sometimes after a long day of hauling luggage to guest rooms, I'll hear piano music coming from the hotel ballroom. It's Francis playing. I'll find a broom, in case Mr. Dunlap wanders by, and sweep the same spot over and over again just listening to him. Sometimes he'll even sing and it's like hearing Nelson Eddie pining for Jeanette McDonald, sigh.

Speaking of stars, we're about two weeks away from Mrs. Osgood's USO shindig for our boys in the navy! People have been talking about it for weeks. She's even managed to get that singing sensation Claudia McFadden, whose vocal styling rivals the great Kate Smith, AND star of screen and stage, the luminous Athena Sinclair.

Hedda Hopper

According to my favorite columnist Hedda Hopper, Miss McFadden is so nice. She always sends a big bouquet of flowers to her staff when they wind up in the hospital. This apparently happens a lot. And I just read in Louella Parson's column that Miss Sinclair actually lost the role of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to an unknown scamp named Judy Garland, but felt that wrong had been righted when she received high praise in some circles for her nuanced performance as Flying Monkey number 3! It will be amazing having the two together in the same room for a night of entertainment! If only I can get their autographs while they're staying at the Palm Beach Royale! I have a space for Miss McFadden's right below the space I have for Florence Foster Jenkins. It would be so amazing to get her autograph!!!! And Miss Sinclair's will go right next to the space I have reserved for Joan Crawford, another really nice lady!!! If I get them, I'll be winning the autograph contest I have with my cousin Lester because we currently both don't have any, what do you think of that Lester! I just heard the "bing bing bing" of NBC radio signing off so it's time for me, Otis, to sign off too. It should be another busy day at the peaceful Palm Beach Royale! I just hope I can sleep, I am so excited to meet Athena Sinclair AND Claudia McFadden in two weeks!!!!


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