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Guilty of presenting a First-Rate Production

I realized that being selected for a jury is somewhat like auditioning and rehearsing for a play.

Guy Sullivan - Juror #3

When you report for jury duty, you are asked a series of questions and then you are either selected or not. If you are selected you have a part to play in deciding the outcome of the case. As you spend time with the other jurors, you start to learn more about them as they share their experiences and perspectives. And as time passes you start to understand more about them. How they process information, dissect the evidence, and make their decisions and choices, and how all that determines what is presented to the judge.

When I came to audition for 12 Angry Men, I originally was just asked to chat, not audition, just chat. okay, that was a little weird. Then I was asked to come back to read, okay that was normal, and then selected to be a part of the cast as Juror #3. Okay, that was great.

Guy Sullivan with Stephen Pickering

So the process of learning about all the other actors chosen to be part of the cast begins. We all share our thoughts about the play and the characters and begin to decide how this play will be presented to the audience.

I have to say watching everyone dissect their characters, make choices and decisions has been fascinating. Each one of these men comes with different perspectives and experiences that make it so interesting to watch their characters evolve with each rehearsal. I couldn't ask to be working with a more well-rounded, dedicated, supportive, and talented group of men.

Richard Dominick - Director

Kudos to Richard, our director. He has quite the job of taking this group of men from different backgrounds and experiences and helping mold their characters to create a story that rings true, touches the audience, and hopefully leaves them with something to think and talk about afterward. I truly admire his passion, conviction and insights he shares in his very unique way.

Carly Mulert--AD/SM

I am so grateful for our assistant director/stage manager. She does a great job keeping us true to the script, which believe me is no easy task.

We'll get the final verdict once our audiences have the chance to see the final product created by everyone involved with getting this play on its feet. I'm sure they will find us guilty of presenting a first-rate production.

Guy Sullivan Juror #3

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