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Different...but Good!

My journey so far with Parker Players has been different than any I have had in past.

Starting with the audition: I was not asked to read from the script, no monologue was required? I asked why and was told what am I going to learn from you reading out of a book, so I talked to Richard and Jen for five minutes and left.

I assumed I would not be cast for a couple of reasons one they didn’t know me whereas a lot of the men auditioning had worked with Parker Players before, two how did they know I could act simply by speaking with me, three there were three days of auditions and probably 50 people auditioned.

When I got the call to be cast as the foreman I was excited and scared at the same time. I feel 12 angry men is the best straight play I have ever seen, even tho it takes place in the fifties the issues and personalities hold up in 2022 and are very relevant for what our country is currently going through.

I was scared because out of all the possible jurors the foreman would have been one of the last parts I thought I would be cast as. I have never played a role like this, I am usually cast as the bad guy or villain or a comedic role.

After a month of trying to understand the foreman, I am starting to feel very comfortable in this role even tho this is a stretch for me, as the days and weeks pass I feel I will only grow more into this part. I love the fact that after every rehearsal we go around the table and articulate how we feel, how the play is going, are allowed to voice concerns or questions. Because we have been so encouraged to make the role ours we have been given more latitude than in any play I have been in.

This in my opinion will lead to a fantastic finished product. This is an extremely solid veteran cast, with so many rehearsals left before tech, the sheer production, and cast talent this promises to be an outstanding production.

Finally, I have seen both 12 angry men and 12 angry jurors. I would not have auditioned for the latter as this play should be performed with an all-male cast. (women were not allowed to sit on a jury until the 70s) The 12 jurors are not friends, and have 12 different personalities, never in the play do we learn any jurors' real names not even in sidebar discussions. This is unique, this is going to be great, this is different but…..good!

Neal Goldman--the Foreman

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