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An Angel's Big Shot

Ever since I was a little boy, people told me I sang like an angel.

Trouble is angels don't get paid very much. As such they are forced to take degrading jobs until they make it to the big time. I could make it to the big time if I just had one lucky break. Well, come October I'm going to get that chance because Tito Morelli (yes that Tito Morelli) is staying at my hotel. Technically, it is the hotel where I work as a bellhop, but either way he and I will be here together. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I plan to get awfully greasy if you know what I mean.

Hopefully, this time it will work. Delighting Antonio Scotti while shining his shoes was a bust, and serenading Beniamino Gigli over his clams casino got me fired from Monaco's. But I have a very good feeling about this one. Fingers crossed. If you happen to be in town, come see why Cleveland is hailed as the opera capital of the Northeastern Midwest. Frank O'Connell AKA The Bellhop

Chris Shade plays The Bellhop in PPTC's production of Lend Me A Tenor. The header of Chris's theater resume reads 'ACTOR TURNED PASTOR'. Chris trained at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts in the Atlantic Acting School. If you live in Barrington you can see him lead the congregation every Sunday morning as the pastor at the Community Church of Barrington.

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