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12 Angry Men First Rehearsal

Thoughts from the director, Richard Dominick...

..rehearsals began tonight, but it really all started back in early April when almost 40 people turned up for auditions. sitting with the chosen actors, the director always wonders ‘did I pick the right cast’?... after finishing a long read-through and cast discussion I’m positive I did.

..the fear of a play such as this is bad casting - 12 Angry Men can easily morph into 12 Somewhat Irritated, Somewhat Disinterested Bad Actors…. but not this time. This is a terrific cast.

..Still, this will not be an easy task. It’s a play filled with passion, fear and anger - to name just three of the many emotions these 12 will need to dig deep down inside themselves - to find, explore and bring to the table (so to speak).

..I’m sure director and actors will battle from time to time throughout the rehearsal period - after all, forcing actors to pull out such intense emotions and putting them on display can be daunting - but in the end I know this will be one hell of a production.

..we want to take you on this ride with us - from Day One to Final Performance… so buckle up… it’s only the first inning and you’re all coming with us on this incredible journey.

Talk soon.


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