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Love/Sick Explained...

Well, kind of.

Here are the basics: Love/Sick is an 80-minute one-act (no intermission) nine-play cycle about love and loss. Each vignette has its own arc and tells the story of a couple at a crossroads in their relationship. The individual plays work together to create a whole.

But also: Love/Sick is a collection of nine slightly twisted and often funny short plays. It's a world of metaphors and heightened realities that engage our common experiences from angles that reveal something new. A heartwarming, heartbreaking, humorous, and often unsettling view into the human affliction known as love.


OK. Fine, Love/Sick is an unromantic comedy for the romantic in everyone.


Oh, and, by the way-

The entire play is set at 7:30 pm on the same Friday night in an alternate suburban reality, with the SuperCenter (think Costco/Walmart-like big box store) serving as a thread that ties each vignette together.

Fine. Just know that McGonigals will be offering a full-service bar throughout our 80-minute romp. (Cash and credit accepted.)

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