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is my pleasure...

Greetings Cleveland! It’s Julia Leverett here, your Chairman of the Cleveland Opera Guild. I know you are all flying high, as am I, to have Il Stupendo Tito Merelli joining us in Cleveland’s finest opera hall. Well, you have me to thank for this incredible honor. It was my leadership and beautiful connection with Tito that enabled me to catch the loveliest Italian songbird and convince Tito to migrate to our beautiful city in Ohio. You are welcome, it is my pleasure!

Donors, as an added treat, you are invited to join us at the reception following the opera as Tito has promised me, Julia, that he will attend and meet all of our Guild Members in attendance. I know you are simply dying to meet him. Trust me, Tito is as stupendo as you think he is, I should know. Tito adores me as much as I love him. In fact, I will be meeting with him before the opera to cheer him up with my womanly touch and I will personally thank him. This will invigorate him so much that he will sing like the lovely songbird that he is for all of you, my lovely patrons of the opera. Ciao for now my little birds, I must fly!

P.s. wait until you see my dress for the evening! It’s straight from Paris- haute couture!

Much love from your fearless Chairman, Julia

Ann Field plays Julia Leverett in Lend Me A Tenor

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