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A Nervous Puppy

I’m really enjoying playing Juror Two, a character who grows in emotional maturity as events unfold. An inexperienced and very timid bank clerk, he joins a room filled with confident “big dog” personalities. He is a nervous puppy and tries to fit in with the group and to avoid making waves. He doesn’t possess any strong views and quickly gets taken advantage of when his weaknesses start to become apparent.

Juror Two is keenly observant, however, and he starts to see cracks in the personas of the stronger personalities as their prejudices and emotional perspectives are revealed, making them seem less threatening. His confidence finally increases to the point where he is able to speak to the whole group when he has something important to say and later he stands up for himself against the bullies.

Having a chance to play an “underdog” type of character like Juror Two and to grow with him has been both challenging and rewarding. Ultimately, he stands up for himself and does what he thinks is right when he has the opportunity.

I can’t say enough positive things about Parker Players, the cast, crew, staff and our Director. The whole team wants to put on a great performance and it shows through their commitment, passion and dedication. Some rehearsals have gone more smoothly than others, of course, which is pretty normal at this stage of rehearsal. I know we will continue to hone each aspect of the performance to perfection under Richard’s helpful guidance and counsel. I am confident the audience is really going to enjoy this performance. If you haven’t ordered tickets yet, go buy them now!

Craig Love

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