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Except...the guard.

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Everything about 12 Angry Men is a learning experience for me. For the simple fact that I have never been an actor before.

Just going to audition was a big jump for me. Richard was totally honest and upfront when he told me that in this play, every role is a major role. There really is no part for someone who has never performed before...except...the guard.

Richard was kind enough to be willing to offer the opportunity to play the part of the guard, which I realized immediately was exactly custom-tailored for me.

I will admit that the rehearsal process has been a real challenge for me because here I am, a complete novice, rehearsing under the guidance of a noted director and alongside experienced cast members.

Something that I learned quickly is that not only must an actor know their lines they must also know their cues, which to me is equally important. Another thing I am learning is that it is important to develop an understanding of what makes the character 'tick'. Is he young or old? What is his social-economic status? Why does he think the way he thinks about the decision he is faced with? And yet, while we must develop this feeling and adopt the person or the character, we must also fully understand that the answer to our questions is in the black and white on the page in front of us.

Because I am a rookie it is unsettling to me to realize how difficult a time we are having at this stage of the process. I feel bad when I realize how frustrating our rehearsals have been for us, especially Richard.

However, I tell myself that just about every play of every level, from school play to Broadway, probably goes through a similar process. Which is why I have such high hopes for us to be able to come together as a team and put on a show that we can be proud of.

Jim Rafferty--The Guard

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