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love him hate him

Cleveland? Eh, it’s nice city, don’t get me wrong. But I come from Milano, so how can you compare?

Moreso, I’m tired.

We haven’t been home in 111 days! Since World Cup in June! Tito perform in Paris, Prague, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Leningrad, Madrid. We supposed to take a vacation. But Tito…his name should be “Sure Merelli” because he say “sure” to everyone! Everyone except Maria! Tito agent book show in Cleveland and New York, and I say “no thank you.” Tito of course say “sure!” He tell me I no have to go with, and I say “absolutely not!” You think I let him go to America alone, with a bazillion women and a bunch of, how you call in America, nogoodniks? No chance! And who take care of him, eh? Tito get tense and he make himself sick. Believe me, I know this! 24 years we’ve been married!

I love him very much, but sometimes I want to kill him…more kill than love, no joke.

Kristen O'Neill plays Maria Merelli in Lend Me A Tenor

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